Top Trends in Interim Management for 2024

In this article we discuss the future predictions and trends in the interim management industry this 2024. Topics including technological advancements, changes in regulatory landscapes, and evolving business executive practices.

Introduction to Interim Management Trends

There’s a lot to say about this year 2024.  Interim management will continue to drive trends in the market, with our Partner at BrainTower, Stefan Orlent delves into patters to look out for.

Read more below to find out more, what industry leaders have to say:

1.Interim Management Agility 

Given the changing circumstances in the economy with world changes, competition and inflation. No doubt we expect 2024 to be an exciting year. Agility within companies will help them flex in their marketing and sales departments.  

With interim management you have the fantastic opportunity to do so, whether you need to fill a maternity leave, sick leave, department restructure or simply can’t find great talents BrainTower can help you solve with interim management needs in marketing, sales or commercial due diligence. We are a discreet, meaning privacy led company moving at an agile pace. In other ways, your concerns and projects will not be shed to light to the outside world unless you explicitly written to write a case study. Therefore, rest assure your competition and investors do not need to find out about our collaboration to support.   

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2. Adopting AI 

Accelerated by OpenAI, it has everything to do with Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to new tools that are much more available for people in the job market, we see people who use these tools in an adequate way can bring added value to our customers. 

We are proud to say we are an AI Compass certified company, our in-house consultants have been trained on ChatGPT, generative AI, imagery AI, prompting uses and advance cases training to support excel your business when required. 

As an early adopter of AI in-house and in our interim management in marketing & sales we have seen the following benefits: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Less experienced consultants thriving due to learning at a faster pace 
  • Improved problem solving 
  • Greater knowledge in other subject matters 
  • Growth mentality not only at a professional level but personal 
  • Less additional outsourcing costs for mundane tasks – admin, creatives, voiceovers, planning, research for example to name a few 

3.Interim Management Sustainability   

Sustainability is not new but is evolving, but since 2024 large corporations have been obliged to report on sustainability. This also creates new questions within the interim management scene in marketing & sales.  

We have seen a rise in B Corp movement. What is it about? 

The Challenge in Today’s Economic System 

Our current economic model, in which businesses play a crucial role, is underperforming in its mission to generate positive social impact. Instead, it often results in substantial negative effects on individuals, communities, and the environment. 

Management can address three critical elements that perpetuate the problematic influence of business, marketing and sales departments: 

  • Legal System Design: How regulations shape business operations  
  • Business Practices and Operations: The day-to-day activities and decisions that impact society and the environment, with our commercial due diligence services 
  • Corporate Culture: The prevailing attitudes and stories about business success and its implications 

The inadequacies in these areas lead to significant adverse outcomes: 

  • Structural Social and Economic Inequality: Widening the gap between different societal groups 
  • Environmental Degradation and Resource Overconsumption: Harmful effects on natural environments and unsustainable use of resources 
  • Decline in Wellbeing and Social Cohesion: Eroding the quality of life and weakening community bonds 

By integrating strategies, businesses can pivot towards more sustainable and equitable practices, mitigating these negative impacts and fostering a healthier economic system. 

B Lab's Theory of Change

The Solution Through Interim Management 

By collaborating with diverse movements, coalitions, policymakers, activists, and organizations, and by activating our stakeholders—including Certified B Corporations, Benefit Corporations, and businesses implementing B Lab’s standards—we can advance our vision. Interim management plays a critical role in this transformative process. 

These five global strategies, enhanced by interim management, will guide our journey: 

  • Drive Adoption of Standards: Utilize interim management to oversee the integration of our standards that measure and manage business impact. 
  • Certify and Engage Businesses: Leverage interim managers to mentor businesses on improving their social and environmental impact. 
  • Amplify Equitable Business Practices: Use interim management to articulate and promote narratives that position business as a force for good. 
  • Catalyze Policy Change: Engage interim management professionals to spearhead policy reforms that enable businesses to contribute positively to society. 
  • Develop Change Networks: Build local, regional, and global communities for change, coordinated through skilled interim management. 

Interim management is essential for accelerating these strategies, ensuring that businesses not only commit to higher standards but also achieve tangible, positive outcomes. 

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In summary, this article sheds light on the critical role of interim management in navigating today’s ever changing business landscape. It emphasises the necessity for agility in management practices, the transformative impact of AI on operational efficiency and decision-making, and the increasing importance of sustainable business practices amidst new regulatory demands. These trends not only reflect the evolving demands of the global market but also highlight interim management as a strategic tool for fostering a more sustainable and efficient business environment.  

If you wish to discuss any of these points, as well as seeing how we can support your business.  Please do not hesitate to contact us via the online form or call. 

Written by Stefan Orlent, Partner at BrainTower

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