SME advice & support

BrainTower specialises in every aspect of SME advice & support, from A to Z and from THINK to DO. We realise that small and medium enterprises need an entirely different approach. They have different concerns, priorities and working methods than multinationals. Our specialists have built up years of expertise in this area, so nobody is better placed to provide advice and support.


Think first, then do: that’s our philosophy. We analyse what our vision should look like and how clear it is. We also outline the main thrust of our strategy, as a solid foundation is the first step towards success and growth!

Here’s how we can help:

  • Determine your commercial and distribution strategy
  • Define your systems: from CRM to reporting
  • Outline your business structure and organisational structure
  • Define the purpose and approach of your Advisory Board
  • Assess the commercial value of your business


The second step is all about implementation and optimisation. After all, thinking is only part of the process: you need to walk the walk, to the tune of your business and your customers.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Prepare your global management & sales approach
  • Determine and renew your go-to-market
  • Prepare, support and carry out negotiations
  • Sales & operations process, from order to cash
  • Amend your organisational structure and support the transition
  • Ensure your business is ready for the next generation

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