Omni-channel strategy

Most stores have an online and an offline presence. But at which retailers do we want to be present? Which distribution strategy suits us best? Is expanding into e-commerce — on top of physical stores — really a good idea for my business? Which implications will this omni-channel strategy have for my business? What exactly is the business case?

There are a lot of things/departments/areas of expertise to be considered before you venture into a new sales channel. Our specialists can help you make the right decisions and support you with your distribution strategy, planning and implementation.


E-commerce is becoming more and more important as a sales channel. The biggest benefit is that customers can find your product or service at any time, wherever they are. The downside is that this adds more complexity to your business. Which e-commerce strategy should I follow? Which partners should I work with? How do I build my website? How do I generate traffic, leads and conversion? On top of that, your setup needs to be constantly assessed and adjusted in line with new technologies and customer expectations.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Build your business case & select partners
  • Set up your online store and system architecture
  • Integrate your internal platforms and systems
  • Draw up a lead generation approach and conversion plan


Your customers no longer see any difference between your online and offline presence. In fact, both of these worlds complement each other.

Their sole requirement is a flawless customer journey. They need to be able to find all relevant information via any screen or at any store, linked and tailored to their personal profile. Next, they need to be able to purchase your products immediately, pay in a way that’s convenient for them and receive their goods as soon as possible at a location of their choice.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Define your customer journeys
  • Draw up and implement your omni-channel communication plan
  • Define digital step-by-step plans to optimise and implement your customer experience
  • Perform UX optimisation
  • AB testing
  • Outline and implement your mobile marketing strategy
  • Generate ROI forecasts

Here’s a taste of possible jobs in this area:

E-commerce manager
UX researcher
UI designer
UX designer
Qualitative researcher
Digital expert
Digital marketeer
Online sales manager

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