Business development

Lots of different factors need to be considered to achieve sustainable growth. More and more businesses find themselves struggling to strike a balance between profit, product, people and environment. In these situations, an outside perspective can often be a welcome breath of fresh air. Not only can we highlight your sticking points; we can help you solve these problems in a positive and sustainable way.


To achieve growth, you need to develop a clear business development strategy that takes into account both quick wins and long-term evolution. A balance between these two factors is what matters most. On top of that, your strategy needs to trickle down to every last corner of your business, so that everyone is pulling in the same direction and working towards the same clear goal.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Detect and analyse opportunities for new markets
  • Determine and implement cross and upselling methods
  • Expand your customer base
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Enhance your innovation pipeline
  • Brainstorming and structuring new ideas


Before you introduce a new product to the market, you need to make sure you have carefully considered every last aspect. A product launch is a one-off event, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Invest in research to identify the correct approach and get to know your customers is essential. On top of that, you need to devise a proper strategy and try to resolve all possible complications in advance. From sales to logistics to production: every step of your business process must be perfectly aligned.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Devise your go-to-market strategy
  • Set up your omni-channel sales and distribution strategy
  • Draw up your investment plan
  • Financial and cash management

Here’s a taste of possible jobs in this area:

New business developer
Business analyst en anderen

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