Why BrainTower

The world of business never stands still. Businesses must continually evolve and stay up to date on how they can exceed customer expectations — something that inevitably involves new channels, new ways of working and communicating and new challenges.

BrainTower brings the necessary experience and a natural passion for new technologies to the table. Our team will keep you on your toes. We are the partner you need to grow your business successfully, so you’re ready to face the future! Explore our areas of expertise here.



Each of our project managers has proven expertise in his/her field. With the experience they have on board, they possess greater business insight and better ability to prioritise, resulting in greater efficiency and better results.

On top of that, they offer an entirely different perspective and a healthy dose of creativity.



The vast experience of our consultants in both sales and marketing provides a broad commercial base for their actions and contributions to more than 1500 projects at a range of businesses. They always take into account the complexity of your business operations, right from the initial idea to the implementation stage.



BrainTower is all about placing the right people in the right roles. We insist on getting to know our consultants and clients properly, so that we can find the best match and generate genuine synergy. A focus on people, corporate culture, expectations and experience is an essential part of this.


BrainTower supplies the right people, expertise and skills to help you develop and implement your commercial strategy. Our goal is to build a sustainable success story together.


We challenge you to stay on your toes and face your turbulent environment head on. We inspire you to discover and apply the latest technologies, we give you the courage to question the existing paradigms and we dare you to reinvent yourself if necessary.


Below you will find our 6 most important values. These are qualities that we value highly and that should be found in each of us. This applies to our team, but equally to customers, partners and others we work with.

Involvement – indicates the shared commitment and interconnection within BrainTower.

Trustworthiness – and confidentiality are very important. As a member of the community, but certainly also with respect to the customer. Company secrets are “secrets” for a reason and agreements are respected.

Ambitious – we are as a company and as a person. We want to do better every time, make progress and meet and preferably exceed the set goals. For Braintower, for our customers and also for ourselves.

Eager to learn – Who says ‘progress’, also says ‘learning’. That is why we seize every opportunity to learn, to specialize and/or deepen and to share that knowledge.

Quality – is reflected in everything BrainTower does. We only work with the best consultants, project managers, permanent employees, customers and partners.

People-oriented – Both the customer and the consultant are always the focus for us. That’s why we think it’s important to get to know you as a person. We do that by making time and having in-depth conversations so that we understand your needs and concerns. Once clear, we can match the right consultant to the specific assignment and follow up appropriately.

Integrity – Integrity plays out on many levels. Honesty, transparency, respect, sincerity and acting according to standards and values are key.

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