6 tips on how to maximize your collaboration with a Interim Manager or Consultant

Working with an interim manager or a consultant is most of the time somewhat more expensive than a regular workforce. They can bring a lot of positivity, new insights and experience to the table. That is, if they are able to work at their best capacity. And this is influenced by their overall experience inside your company. Needless to say that if you feel good at a company, your work and commitment will be better. So, here are our 6 tips on making the most out of your collaboration with a consultant.

Clear information about a job role

Our first tip starts even before the consultant is joining your team. This one is more about the job description, the intake talk and the interview. You have to always be clear about the job role. There is absolutely no advantage in making a role seem better or more interesting than it is. The consultant or interim manager needs to know if a job will fit and will be motivating to them. Because they have a certain expertise, you want them to be at the right place. This way, chances are highest you will get the most out of working with him/her. Adding when you will be satisfied on level of performance is also very important.

Start with open communication

A very good start is to begin with open and honest communication. Why did you hire them? What are the problems/challenges you are facing? When will you, as a client, be satisfied? Try to be as open and honest as possible. This way, the consultant will get to know you and your business better. A consultant job is also a people job; everyone is different and this way they will have a better understanding on how to help you exactly the way you want it.

Warm welcome

Consultants are also.. people. Everyone wants to feel welcomed and appreciated at their working environment. So make sure to welcome them the way you would want to be welcomed as well. Prepare all practicalities and equipment they need to work, so your company does not give the impression of being unprofessional. You know what they say about first impressions.. this also counts for companies.

Good intro to the team

Make sure to take the time to introduce them to the team. This way, they will immediately feel more at home (not really at home, but you get it). Also, they will know who to contact for what kind of information. An overview of everyone with a picture, the contact information and the responsibility they have in the team is always very practical. The first thing an interim manager or consultant does, is getting to know the brand(s), getting to know the ways of working. And when they have a nice introduction, they will reap the benefits in multiple ways.

Give feedback

Dare to give feedback. As much and as honest as possible. Interim managers and consultants are mostly people who want to keep on learning and they are used to receive feedback. It is inherent in them that they see feedback as a gift, as a way and possibility to grow. Also, they want to fit in and help in the best way possible. That is, obviously, quite difficult if you don’t get a notion of what was good and what could be better.

Try to make as little distinction as possible between an interim manager and permanent employee

As I said before, consultants are just people. It is never nice when people are treated differently. Not on a basis of colour, size, gender or.. occupation. Want to make an interim manager feel welcome? Then offer them the same possibilities as your permanent employees: trainings, team days, trips with the team and so on. And you will see, they will flourish.

If you take these tips into account, you will already come a long way. Try it out and hopefully, your experience with a consultant will be even better.
Questions about the added value of working with a consultant or interim manager?
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