Increasing conversion on your e-commerce platform? Here’s how!

We all know that the e-commerce world today is swamped with competitors big and small. E-commerce is hot and everyone wants a slice of the cake… So how can you still stand out from the crowd?

One answer could be to improve your conversion rates and give the competition a run for their money. To achieve this, however, you will have to leave a top-notch first impression on your visitors.

Picture your web shop as a brick-and-mortar store in which each shopper is serviced by a highly skilled personal shopper. These personal shoppers immediately recognize the traits, preferences and needs of the shop visitors, and present the right product at the right time – before the shopper even realized (s)he wanted it. Wouldn’t you just love to shop there and be treated like a king or queen?

Well, welcome to the wondrous world of e-commerce, where this dream had already come true.

Personalization is the future.

Before we dive deeper in the how and what of a personalized online shopping experience, let’s talk some facts & figures:

1.  97% of the visitors to an online shop leave without buying. That’s a lot of lost potential…

2.  Most e-commerce sites have hundreds of pages. Navigating this would be no mean feat, so most sites implement dozens of categories and filters to simplify the shopping experience. Still, online shopping often feels an exhausting search for a needle in a haystack.

3.  Hundreds of pages translate into (tens of) thousands of products. Even when labeled with tags such as ‘grey’, ‘cotton’ or ‘pants’, a search from a specific item (let’s say, grey cotton pants) will yields tends to hundreds of results. And most shoppers do not have the patience or endurance to browse all these wares looking for ‘the one’…

All of this brings us back to the fact that conversion is nothing to be scoffed at and can be a real game-changer in the online world. How? Personalization. An online store has the capability to deliver a one-to-one personalized shopping experience to its customers to boost conversion rates to levels one could previously not even dream of.

What is e-commerce personalization?

Navigational personalization, predictive personalization, database segmentation, personalized subjects, personalized content, … Different flavors, but eventually, they all boil down to the same basic principle:

Personalization is the ‘art’ of providing shoppers with an individualized shopping experience that is based on their interests, buying behavior, demographics and psychographics.

The next challenge on the journey to increased conversion rates is then how to get personalization right.

Imagine yourself walking into a fashion boutique and finding that the offering is entirely tailored to your tastes and needs. Need a blue lace dress? Great, the first thing you see upon entering is the selfsame dress. And believe it or not, while taking it out to the fitting room, your gaze falls upon the most amazing set of heels that would really complement the dress. You pick them up even though you weren’t really planning on buying heels. Who can pass on such an opportunity?

This is the power of a personalized webshop.

The awesomeness of e-commerce personalization.

We figure you’re pretty impressed by now. Indeed, e-commerce personalization is an awesome way to boost your online conversion rates. By individualizing your webshop experience, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and truly stand out. Satisfied customers and an increase in revenue will be yours to enjoy.

And the best part of it? It doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it require a complete overhaul of your website. Taglayer can help you make the transition from a traditional website to a personalized experience quickly and efficiently.

A big thank you to Taglayer for providing us with this excellent piece of information.