How to do more in less time?

Do you ever feel like you’re in a battle with your todo list and it isn’t you who is winning? Your focus is lacking, you’re gradually spending more hours on the job and the difference between what’s urgent and important is getting vague. It’s harder to get up in the morning, you’re feeling tired and sports and hobbies are being postponed.

Losing productivity and being less effective is every knowledge worker’s worst nightmare. BrainTower recently invited Johan D’haeseleer, founder of ExtraTijd to inspire us in identifying the drivers of productivity and how to improve them.

Turns out there a simple equation that can serve as a framework for improving productivity. Want to find out more and see what T.E.AM. is all about? Fill in the form to get free access to the full paper.

Johan D’Haeseleer is an expert in personal efficiency, biohacker and experi-man. He is also the founder of ExtraTijd, an organization helping people to getting done more in less time. BrainTower thanks Johan for sharing with us his interesting tips and tricks during an inspirational session.

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