Our partners

Entrepreneurship is deeply embedded in BrainTower’s DNA. Several of our project managers are entrepreneurs through and through, and we also work together with start-ups and specialised niche businesses. Through our ecosystem of complementary technologies and skills, we’re always one step ahead in a market that never stands still.


This company uses advanced data technology to connect customers and retailers via personalised, one-to-one loyalty programmes, linked to the necessary platforms and systems such as cash register or CRM.

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This startup delivers insights to retailers and suppliers. They analyse, collect and match retail data from webshops and translate these into insights into pricing, promotion and assortment.

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Project partners

At BrainTower, we put the bigger picture above everything else. That said, we also believe in specialisation. As a business, we focus mainly on our expertise in marketing and sales. For any areas that fall outside of our expertise, we’re happy to refer you to our qualified project partners!