Hiring Manager alert! The Art of Job Posting Silence

In today’s interim management market, we see more often job posts on social media Interim management providers looking for available interim freelancers to fill open positions.  It is an interesting evolution from the last 20 years that it was all about telephone calls and contacts, and for that we embrace technology.

Let’s think about this: filling open positions fast through interim freelance experts is indeed important for our clients.  As there is an urgent need to receive temporary support to the client’s organisation, the speed at which an interim provider can present profiles is of course key critical.

Personally, my own experience taught me that an interim manager can actually have a very big and positive impact on the business. Surely, being confidential about it brings it’s benefits.

Am I revealing too much information about new job postings? 

Here are some negative connotations with sharing interim job postings online:

Confidentially is key.

1. Confidentiality Breaches – risk of sharing confidentiality and sensitive projects, this can also alert direct and indirect competitors about a weakness in your business.  If you are a new manager, be responsible to not share too much externally.  When in doubt, talk to your HR manager or alternative here at BrainTower we are here to help.

2. Legal and Compliance Issues – temporary, interim and maternity leave cover employment can bring its set of legal and compliance challenges, including contracts, benefits, and labour laws.

Important condition: this is something to not take lightly, as you grow as a business may you be a small, medium or large corporation, as it’s consequences can be great.

Brand perception is more important that what you think.

3. Organisational instability – as the need for interim profiles originates often from transformational – wanted or less wanted – changes in the organisation, it could be questionable to share a certain organisational instability openly, as the social media post may be jeopardising the often carefully built-up company employee notoriety.  

4. Brand Perception and Expectation Mismatch – if posting is done too frequently it may affect how the brand is perceived externally showcasing that a company cannot retain staff due to certain reasons and prefers investing in temporary solutions rather than medium to long term results.

We are regularly contacted by top companies trying to repair damaged to brand reputation after years or having bad luck with poor candidates in the past.

The Belgian market holds many talented interim sales & marketing individuals, however knowing they exist or active can be challenging to match with your company culture, thankfully we are here to help.

job interview in progress

Quality candidates and meeting their needs.

5. Freelancer Commodity – For the freelancer, it is doubtful that he or she loves to be treated as a commodity being called upon and shifted like a box of – poor – chocolate, often not even communicated to how he or she will be “eaten”. 

6. Attracting Overqualified or Underqualified Candidates – posting on online platforms such as LinkedIn, job boards, etc obviously will provide you the reach however you will be compromised with the quality of what you are looking for specifically and more specifically the length for the interim manager.  Furthermore, attracting a mix range of candidates that can be a mixed bag of overqualified and underqualified.

7. Quality of Hire – the urgency to fill the role might compromise good high-level candidates that you are trying to attract.  Affecting the selection process, performance and outcomes of the project at hand.

8. Impact on Permanent Staff Morale: too many temporary job postings online and lead current internal teams to question the stability of the company and their own roles, leading to doubt.  Other negative impacts are morale, productivity, and loyalty.

A conscious choice

At BrainTower we believe in the strength of silence.  During the past 20 years, BrainTower has not only built a strong connection with the freelance sales & marketing expert community in Belgium but also helped to shape the industry.    An industry that benefits from silence we believe.

Working hard day after day on building our networks and references to match the right people supporting organisations to excel, makes BrainTower your strong partner to deliver your next marketing & sales solution helping your organisation to flex…Fast, qualitative and in silence!

Written by Stefan Orlent, Partner BrainTower

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